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Request the service or product you need, we will do the rest.

Free Express Ordering


Outline your requirement

Whether you want something quickly, a short run or a single item, simply outline your requirement for our bespoke manufacturers. Add key details and timescale required into the Express form below.


TMS contact suitable providers

We contact multiple manufacturers and suppliers within our database with the specific details you’ve requested. You are able to remain anonymous to ensure you are in complete control and are not contacted by any partners. It also means that our partners take every request seriously, if they don’t know how big or small you are, you’ll be treated the same.


Receive contacts and offers

Suppliers and manufacturers with available capacity, will put together details for you and we’ll send you all the best offers. At this stage, you can compare offers, make your choice and contact your chosen provider(s) directly to finalise any arrangements.  

Requesting services and products

IMPORTANT: Information initially provided to manufacturers to make their offers are sections marked with a red colour background in the form below; other information is to help TMS  coordinate requests, checking details are genuine and for providing statistics to our partners.

NOTE: When filling in the form, the longer the time you give, the more responses you might have back;  also, the shorter the time, the more costly it could be for a company to provide a very quick turnaround.

Express Order Request


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