Buyers & Specifiers

We have a team that can help you all the way

A shared understanding

We have valuable knowledge, understanding and experience, you will have likewise; there is always an opportunity to achieve more when working together.


Help you plan either current or future projects or discuss ways that assistance can be provided to ease the pressure.

Quality, time and money

We know that quality, time and money are all important to you. Find out how Inspired Pods are the key to helping from the start, all the way through to project completion.

Take the first step

The best way to move things on is to take the first step; if you use the contact form below, we will be in touch to discuss ways we can support you.

Making an Impact

Our team, local knowledge, industry experience, connections and Inspired Pods, all come together to help you make an impact to impress your clients. Helping make your work life easier is at the heart of our relationship, if we help you succeed, then we also succeed and build our relationship and value to each other.


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