Direct from UK providers

Ensuring you get the information for services or products you may want for future needs or projects.



Request information or meetings about services, products or future projects from our providers.

How On-Demand works


Make your request

Just put the key details into the On-Demand form below.


We contact manufacturers

We send your request out to our database of suppliers and manufacturers with the details you’ve provided. This also means you are able to remain anonymous, ensuring you are in control and aren’t contacted by any manufacturers. It also means that our manufacturers take every request seriously, if they don’t know how big or small you are, you’ll be treated the same.


You receive replies

We’ll send you the details of offers available to you along with their contact details. It’s now over to you to look at any information and offers and if you desire, you can contact your chosen provider(s) directly for further details or to finalise any arrangements.

On-Demand Order Request

Use the form below to make your request.

IMPORTANT: Information that is provided to providers is marked in the sections with the blue background colour.

Request Form


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